Pat McCaskey
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Pat McCaskey
Release date : Jul. 06, 2004
  1. The Jackfish
  2. Ebb
  3. Brown Baby
  4. Blow the Candles Out
  5. Little Bird
  6. Crazy Mary
  7. Until It's Time for You to Go
  8. My Beloved
  9. Hey Zhankoye
  10. Lass from the Low Country
  11. Hushabye
  12. Civil War Medley


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The songs on this CD might be described as belonging to them, me and us. Four of them are the work of known others that I enjoy playing and singing. Three of the songs I wrote, and are very personal to me. Finally, the bulk of the works here are in the public domain. They belong to all of us to sing and enjoy as our own. The four copyright-protected selections on this CD are recorded with the permission of the copyright holders. They are: Until Its Time for You to Go, Little Bird, Brown Baby, and The First Battalion. All others are either copyright by myself or are held in the public domain.

Live at George St.

On this CD I play one of two guitars: a 1997 Omega GCO2 custom steel string guitar that was made by the late Kevin Gallagher, and a 45+ year-old nylon string Epiphone.

The objective for this, my first CD, was to record a close approximation of what you might hear at one of my live performances. Thus, there are few, if any, studio effects on the recordings. There is great risk in doing this. Since I most often perform alone, there are no added tracks of other instruments, background vocals or vocal/instrumental overdubs on this CD. Listen carefully to what is there as well as what is not there. You can hear the sounds of my fingers as they move across the strings.

The music that I perform does not just sit there in a vacuum. Each song has a story, and I take the time to tell these stories at my live performances. Some of these can be found elsewhere on this web site or on my weekly blog. For the rest, I invite to make it to one of my shows.

I need to take a moment to thank some people for their contributions to this CD: Vanessa Iliffe (for everything), Emma McCaskey (for everything else), Michele Mercure (for the well-tuned ear), Mary Haverstick (for the talented eye), Susan Lithgow (for the chance at renewal), Carrie (for her photos and support), Eric Blazer (for the unexpected gift), and Terry Ross (for guitar guidance so long ago). But even more important is to thank all the people who come to hear me sing. Without the audience there is no fun. Perhaps I’ll see you down the road.