Life’s Lessons Learned #43: Lancaster – House of Pi

After a four-week stroll down memory lane, or should I say “drive” down memory Lane, I return now to the original timeline for the blog, “Life’s Lessons Learned”.

James & Nevin Streets (Former House of Pizza)

James & Nevin Streets
(Former House of Pizza)

Returning to Lancaster, and taking up residence above one of my favorite eateries while at F&M, afforded a slow transition from student to adult. While living there I spent many evenings eating pizza, however, now I was upstairs from the “House of Pi” rather than at a table inside the place. My first apartment was a furnished one bedroom. It was on the second floor in the front, James Street side, of the building. There were two rooms and a small bath (to be honest, I don’t remember the bathroom at all). The front room was my bedroom. In one corner there was a bay window occupied by a single bed. I’m sure there was other furniture in this room, but I could not tell you what it was, or what it looked like. The second room, the kitchen/living room was behind the bedroom. It had a bar/counter behind which there was a stove, sink, and refrigerator. The other side of the room had a couch, chair, corner table, and a coffee table. The door to the hallway and out was in this room.

I had a small phonograph player that provided my entertainment. Those days music came from either your radio, or from 45 rpm or LP records. My two favorite records at the time were of a Bach organ piece, and the group the Young Rascals. I also had an LP of the Borodin String Quartet. I had the chance to hear them play a concert at F&M, and got backstage to meet them. They did not speak English, but the one fellow knew German, and we had a brief conversation. They also signed my LP cover.

Over the years, for no discernable reason, I have been brutal with my hands. It was in this apartment that I suffered my first such cut/scar while drying a glass. My right hand has a history of misadventures with sharp objects.

My landlord was an interesting fellow. He was an active member of the local Greek community. I would later learn how close this community was through my Greek customers at the bank. Just about every day I would see John sitting just off the hallway in the kitchen playing backgammon with one of his Greek friends. I still remember the sound as they had this wonderful process of banging the pieces down on to the table.

Since I am writing this for my daughter and grandchildren I will keep the blog G-rated. However, I do want to say, that I really was quite the late bloomer when it came to women, and it was in this apartment that I had my first real experience. I had sung the night before at the Hickory Tree Coffeehouse in Lancaster, and a young woman who was in the audience that night was eating at the House of Pi the next afternoon. Let’s just say that later that evening I was her “one night stand”. I never saw her again, and no longer remember her name. I learned later that she had also taken a liking to another singer on the bill that night at the Hickory Tree, and paid him a visit the night before she met up with me.


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